Our Vision

Promoting mutual interfaith understanding through dialogue, learning and collaboration.


Our Mission

Interfaith Exchange seeks to produce accessible and engaging interfaith dialogue through a range of multimedia platforms including blogs, webinars and creative videos.

The initiative seeks to promote interfaith discussion among young people to tackle intolerance, hatred and discrimination whilst encouraging mutual respect and understanding.

The youth are future leaders, educators, and policy makers, thus interfaith collaboration is vital in developing informed adults who are able to live harmoniously in an increasingly diverse global society. Ultimately, Interfaith Exchange aims to promote international co-operation and a sense of worldwide unity based on knowledge, acceptance, and kindness.

Our History

Interfaith Exchange was founded in July 2020 by three graduates from the University of St Andrews.

Mary, Raahim and Porter all come from different backgrounds but share a passion for interfaith work. They established this initiative to create an online platform for interfaith dialogue and make it readily accessible to all through a range of multimedia platforms.

Cover photo courtesy of Pixabay on Pexels.com

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