Interfaith Exchange: a multimedia initiative that provides a platform to civilly share, discuss and learn about diverse outlooks on life.

In Our Words

We are at a pivotal stage: countries are being divided on racial and religious lines, but we can fight hatred and religious intolerance through encouraging interfaith dialogue between diverse individuals and commuhnities.

Mary Hunter

Faith, I realised in that moment, was, in my world, a taboo; and yet so much of life’s rich detail was hidden—needlessly—right there in plain sight. Interfaith work, for me, is a way of dismantling that taboo.

Porter Clements

Superficial tolerance is not enough: we need communal dialogue, friendly chats over coffee, as well as profound intellectual discussion, critical reflection and self-critique if we are to progress in any direction.

Raahim Zafar

Let’s build something together.

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