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We are a multimedia initiative aiming to promote discussion and engagement across faith traditions and to empower the next generation to live harmoniously across an increasingly diverse global society

Recent Publications

Why Muslims shouldn’t be angry about cartoons (and why they should)

the issue at hand is not so much the depiction of Muhammad itself that is particularly worrisome (faithful and intelligent Muslims would likely say that the individual displayed is not Muhammad by any stretch of the imagination), but rather the inflammatory nature of the cartoons depicting him and the lack of respectful dialogue that precludes community cohesion and rather incites social discord. Free speech should be a means to a better world, not an end in and of itself.

Elections & Reconciliation

‘So, while some might find it tempting to celebrate the results of the recent election as a victory, it seems to me that there is a glaring issue being ignored. History suggests that US electoral politics behave like a pendulum. Partisan electoral victories lead to political resentment on the losing side, culminating in retributive rallies 4-to-8 years down the line in a samsaric cycle of escalatory retaliation. We have a deeply rooted problem, in this country, with coexistence and reconciliation.’

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